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Level 1 Character Flashcards

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A Magical Kingdom of Dance product, item # M-002 

These educational flashcards are a great classroom tool for the teacher to reinforce and to bring the French terms to life. Your little ballerinas will love flipping through the cards at home to review pronunciation, to see the dance characters and their association with the selected dance step. The cards measure 3x5 inches and are great for studio use or at home.

30 characters includes Port De Bras the Octopus, Plié the Cricket, Relevé the Giraffe, Tendu the Turtle, Glissade the Caterpillar, Arabesque Annie, Pas de Chat the Cat, Sauté the Bunny, Attitude Tootsie, Échappé the Squirrel, Buzzy Bourrée, Retiré the Stork, Développé the Elephant, Changement the Clown, Humpty Tombé, Suzie Q Sous-Sous and Boogie Woogie Boo, Temps Levé the Jack in the Box, Frappé the Woodpecker, Déboulés the Apple, Ciseaux the Hippo, Righty Red, Lefty Blue, Pose and Révérence.