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Twinkletoes and the Magical Kingdom of Dance Encyclopedia

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A Magical Kingdom of Dance Product, item # M-001

Introducing The Magical Kingdom of Dance, a helpful guide for dance students and teachers and a comprehensive illustrated book by Mary Alpha Johnson that takes readers on a journey through ballet with the help of our favorite ballerina, Twinkletoes. Over 200 pages filled with characters, objects, descriptive steps and terminology. This book will bring pleasure to the student's experience of dance with the enchantment and joy of nature.

Children of all ages are fascinated with animals and woodland creatures, especially when they are personified. A combination of nature and joyfulness not only captivates the student's attention but encourages the development of their own imagination, thus enhancing their life was well as their art.

Perfect for little ballerinas AND dance instructors! The book covers over 100 dance moves with French pronunciation, definitions, whimsical poems and Tips from Twinkletoes. The animal characters introduced are each named for a specific dance move and help young dancers learn and retain information that will help build a foundation for a lifetime love of dance.