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Dréa's Dream: An Unfinished Dance

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An Andrea Rizzo Foundation product, item # D-001

Dréa's Dream: An Unfinished Dance, a memoir, tells the inspiring story of a mother and daughter's indomitable journey of triumph over childhood cancer and disabilities, only to face the ultimate challenge of unexpected loss. Neither Susan Rizzo Vincent, nor her only child Andréa, could have foretold the turn of events that tragically changed both of their lives forever and irreversibly. But just as dance was the driving force behind Andréa's life, it became that same driving force in Susan's. Little did Susan know the lessons she would learn in helping to further Andréa's dreams, nor could she have ever imagined the hope and gifts such loss could bring. Dréa's Dream: An Unfinished Dance also shares with the reader practical lessons learned about surviving the unthinkable, and brings to light the power of dance to heal.