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Faculty and Staff Handbook : CD version

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Faculty and Staff Handbook : CD version

A Rhee Gold Company product, item # 130RGF

Note: this product is also available in a download version with a $5 discount and no shipping/handling charge.

Impress your employees with a professional, organized presentation of need-to-know information.

Your faculty and staff will be dancing to the same beat from the first class of the season through the year-end performance. The material is completely customizable (in Microsoft Word Document format). Simply replace names, dates, and other details with your school’s information, delete what doesn’t apply, and expand on what’s there to make a handbook that’s uniquely yours. “Ready to go” wording includes school and classroom philosophies, listings of annual dates and events, school contact information, and more.

What’s inside?
A sampling of the policies, procedures, and guidelines covered:
-Social networking
-Compensation for teachers and administrative employees
-Appropriate teacher/staff–student relationships
-Appropriate teacher/staff–parent relationships
-Use of studio equipment and space
-Setting a good example
-Choreography ownership
-Positive relations with other schools and teachers
-Teaching at other schools
-Attendance at performances and competitions
-Camaraderie among faculty and staff
-Equal treatment for all students regardless of skill level
-Maintaining classroom enthusiasm
-Creating a positive classroom atmosphere

And much more, all designed to make your life as a studio owner easier.