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Melodies that Sing by Jo Rowan

Melodies That "Sing" by Jo Rowan (S-014)

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Melodies That "Sing" by Jo Rowan (S-014)

A Statler Music product, item # S-014

Music CD. Opera music for the ballet class by Jo Rowan, with Jan McDaniel at the piano. This CD offers you a clear choice of rhythm, with waltzes on odd bands and marches on even bands. The tempos progress from "slow" (on the first tracks), to faster tempos (on the higher numbered tracks). "Clasic Class" gives you a high level of musical control so that you can match the best melody to the dance combination you wish to use when teaching your class.

Waltz rhythms on odd numbered tracks:


Musetta's Waltz

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls

One Secret Tear


Waltz (Faust)

Waltz (The Merry Widow)

Woman is Fickle

Juliet's Waltz

Adele's Laughing Song

Flower Song

March rhythms on even numbered tracks:

Lionel's Aria

Give Me Your Hand

Boys' Chorus

Toreador Song

Egyptian SoldiersĀ 

Bridal March

Champagne Polka

A Great Love Calls

Opening Dance