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Dance Recital Handbook : CD version

  • $ 4999

Dance Recital Handbook : CD version

A Rhee Gold Company Product, item # 120RGR

Note: this product is also available as a download, which will save you $5 as well as no shipping/handling will be charged.

Impress your clientele with a professional, organized presentation of need-to-know information.

Parents want to know every detail about the recital: expenses, time commitments, costume policies, ticket purchasing, required shoes and accessories, and a myriad of other details. Give them the information they need to make the performance experience the best it can be for all involved and end the season on a high note, with your confidence soaring and families eager to come back in the fall.

The material contained in the Dance Recital CD Handbook is completely customizable (in Microsoft Word Document format). Simply replace names, dates, and other details with your school’s information, delete what doesn’t apply, and expand on what’s there to make a handbook that’s uniquely yours. “Ready to go” wording demonstrates the organizational skills and professionalism that your clientele will respect.