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Dance Studio Life Magazine March/April 2015

Dance Studio Life Magazine, March/April 2015 Issue

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March/April 2015 Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life, a magazine with a back-to-basics approach, is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education by promoting the highest possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life understands the soul of the teaching field. Visit for more info!


Modern & Contemporary Dance

* Make It Modern : Why and how to teach modern dance to young students.

* Etudes for the Ages : American Dance Legacy Initiative keeps modern dance history alive for students.

* Kids in Contact : How contact improvisation benefits dancers from tykes to teens and beyond.

* Midwest Modern : How Horton technique shaped a Twin Cities school.

* Bright Biz Idea : Dance & Diversity : Turn to community needs in expanding a dance school's scope.

* Tap Festivals : A 2015 guide to tap festivals in the U.S. and abroad.

Plus our Departments & Columns:

* On My Mind : Words from the publisher

* EditorSpeak 

* Click! : Online must-sees from the Rhee Gold Company

* FYI : What's up in the dance community

* Page Turners : Books of note (new and not)

* Classroom Connection

* Teacher in the Spotlight : Ellen Dyer

* Thinking Out Loud : Discovering Gaga

* 2 Tips for Ballet Teachers : Finger Turns

* 2 Tips for Tap Teachers : Soft Shoe

* 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers : Focus and Shaping Momentum

* 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers : Drop-Freeze and Dolphin Dive

* 2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers : The Classical Period: Part 2

* College Close-Ups : Boston University : What students need to know about college and university dance programs.

* Performance Corner : Our sneak peek at dance shows we'd love to see.

* Ask Rhee Gold

* 1,000 Words