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Dance Studio Life Magazine, December 2016 Issue

Dance Studio Life Magazine, December 2016 Issue

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December 2016 Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life, a magazine with a back-to-basics approach, is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education by promoting the highest possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life understands the soul of the teaching field. Visit for more info!


.Champs and Change Agents : How a hip-hop crew mobilizes millennials about politics and social issues.
• .Ballet Scene : Crossing Boundaries : Turfers and ballet dancers come together to address social justice.
• .Raw and Awesome : Rennie Harris' second company delivers training, culture, and reality shock.
•  Jazz Hands-On : Dance educators hash out history, future of jazz dance at NDEO conference.
• .Power of the Page : How journaling exercises can enhance a dancer's life, in school and beyond.
• .Grassroots to Mainstream : Regional Dance America's Northeast Festival, present and momentous past.
• .Onstage Nationwide : Our exclusive list puts competitions and conventions at your fingertips.
Departments & Columns
• On My Mind : Words from the publisher.
• EditorSpeak
• Bulletin Board : Pin. Post. Share.
• FYI : What's up in the dance community.
• Page Turners : Books of note (new and not).
• Moving Images : Videos of note (new and not).
• 2 Tips for Ballet Teachers : Two Rules for Male Partners
• 2 Tips for Tap Teachers : Across the Floor and Around the Room
• 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers : Hip Slides and Gentle Grips
• 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers : Essential Moves: Kick Ball Change
• 2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers : Ballet Divertissements from Operas: Part 2
• Performance Corner : Our sneak peek at dance shows we'd love to see.
• College Close-Ups : University of Utah : What students need to know about college and university dance programs.
• Ask Rhee Gold : Advice for dance teachers.
• Dance History Quiz : Fun facts for teachers and students
• Dance Bag: Classifieds
• 1,000 Words