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Dance Studio Life Magazine, January 2017 Issue

Dance Studio Life Magazine, January 2017 Issue

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January 2017 Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life, a magazine with a back-to-basics approach, is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education by promoting the highest possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life understands the soul of the teaching field. Visit for more info!


• Igniting the Soul : Students young and old connect with the style and spirit of flamenco. 
• Going Global : World Dance program at San Francisco School of the Arts breaks new ground in public education.
• Language of the Heart : An excerpt from The Natives Are Restless: A San Francisco Dance Master Takes Hula Into the 21st Century.
• Teaching Traditions : Patrick Makuakane's San Francisco hula classes echo those in Hawaii--except when they don't. 
• Having a Blast With Bhangra : Campus communities embrace and adapt a traditional Punjabi dance for the competition stage.
• Around the World : Costumes and backdrops with an international flair.
• Bright Biz Idea : Concessions Convenience : Is a vending machine right for your studio?
• Rules = Respect : Teaching classroom etiquette yields good behavior at the studio and beyond.
Departments & Columns
• On My Mind : Words from the publisher.
• EditorSpeak
• Bulletin Board : Pin. Post. Share.
• FYI : What's up in the dance community.
• Page Turners : Books of note (new and not).
• Moving Images : Videos of note (new and not).
• 2 Tips for Ballet Teachers : Height and Control in Grand Jete
• 2 Tips for Tap Teachers : Making Tap Dances
• 2 Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers : Eye Contact in Partnering and Safe, Silent Rolls
• 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers : Creative Exercises to Process Emotion
• 2 Music Tips for Dance Teachers : The Ballets Russes and Les Sylphides
• Performance Corner : Our sneak peek at dance shows we'd love to see.
• College Close-Ups : University of North Carolina--Greensboro : What students need to know about college and university dance programs.
• Ask Rhee Gold : Advice for dance teachers.
• Collective Wisdom : Ideas and advice from our readers
• Dance Bag: Classifieds
• 1,000 Words