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Dance Studio Life Magazine, October 2017 Issue

Dance Studio Life Magazine, October 2017 Issue

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October 2017 Dance Studio Life

Dance Studio Life, a magazine with a back-to-basics approach, is a division of the Rhee Gold Company, whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education by promoting the highest possible standards in teaching. Dance Studio Life understands the soul of the teaching field. Visit for more info!


Recital Roundup
• Short and Sweet : Streamlining recitals for everyone's benefit.
• 10 Ideas to Keep Your Recital Running Smoothly 
• Lights, Camera, Action! : Boost studio and recital attendance by creating a video trailer.
• Performing Outside the Box : Year-end alternatives to the traditional dance recital.
• The Anatomy of a Recital Postmortem : Your recital may be over, but don't bury it just yet.
• Package Deal : Bundling fees can make studio life simpler.
• Sparkles and Stories : Make an impact with new recital costumes and backdrops.
•  A Little Friendly Competition : Professional association unites industry businesses for the good of all.
Departments & Columns
• On My Mind : Words from the publisher.
• EditorSpeak
• FYI : What's up in the dance community.
• Media Hub : Onscreen, on the page, and online.
• Inspiration Wall : Unison
• Tips for Ballet Teachers : First vs Second Arabesque and Correcting Positively
• Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers : Passing on the Essence of Hip-Hop
• Tips for Special-Needs Teachers : Social and Emotional Learning
• Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence : How Can I Save on Taxes?
• Teacher Tune-Up : Making Peace With the Mirror
• Competition Zone : One Judge's Symbiotic Spirit
• Studio Style : Dreams Dance Academy
• Wearing It Well : Costume Sizing With A Wish Come True
• Did You Know? : Dance History Quiz, A Colorful History
• Ask Rhee Gold : Advice for dance teachers
• Collective Wisdom : Ideas and advice from our readers
• Dance Bag : Classifieds
• 1,000 Words
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