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Level 2 Character Flashcards

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A Magical Kingdom of Dance product, item # M-003 

These educational flashcards are a great classroom tool for the teacher to reinforce and to bring the French terms to life. Your little ballerinas will love flipping through the cards at home to review pronunciation, to see the dance characters and their association with the selected dance step. The cards measure 3x5 inches and are great for studio use or at home.

30 characters includes:Tour the windmill, Jill the Ballerina, Jack the danseur, Cambré the Bridge, De Suite the Gingerbread Man, De Face the Owl, Passé the Possum, Rond de Jambe the Pumpkin, Extension the Rainbow, Fondu the Mole, Dégagé the Lady Bug, Battement the Billy Goat, Piqué the Rooster Temps Lié the Chicken, Coupé the Beaver, Plum Round and Skinny Enney Couru, Balancé the Bear, Allegro the Poodle, Adagio the duck, Gargouillade the Turkey, Foxy Pas de Basque, Pirouette the top, Mother Goose Assemblé, Jeté the frog, Sissonne the Alligator, Soubresaut the Lion, Étoile the Star & Arrondi the Moon, Chaînés the Snake, Soutenu the Tiger, Temps de Cuisse the duckling.