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Songs in My Head CD & Teacher Notes

Songs in my Head CD & Teacher Notes

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Songs in My Head CD and Teacher Notes

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This two pack combo includes: "Songs in My Head CD Vol. One" and the Teacher Companion Notes.


The dance teacher's new musical avenue for pre-school children

Cindy Hollingsworth is pleased to debut an exciting new collection of 17 originals children's songs for dance and pre -school education. " Songs In My Head Volume One" is designed for children ages two through six and can be used as a teaching tool for Dance educators and or preschool teachers in the classroom for basic motor skills, development of imaginative creative movement, and the sheer fun of listening to a fresh new sound in children's music for any class structure. Ms. Hollingsworth composed the songs, produced the CD, and wrote the lyrics for each of the selections. She has spent a lifetime dedicated to teaching the dance arts, and is pleased to offer this direction in dance education to the dance community.


This companion teaching manual follows the CD tracks and gives numerous and exciting teaching tidbits to enhance the teaching program that the studio owner already has in place. So many times we as dance teachers just need that extra little "ah" bit of information to get us going again. This manual will do just that. Cleverly written, and skillfully laid out you will truly value the information and the simplistic layout and ease of ready ability in using it.